How to Choose a Good Research Journal

The research journal is a research report on the results of research that has been done scientifically. Basically, most research journals can be accounted for their scholarship depending on the method used in preparing and preparing reports of research journals.

Usually, the report of the research journal is included in the journal entries together with the reports of other researchers. Each of studies has to be able to choose the research journals which can be read more precisely to be a reference for their studies. For instance, someone who wants to conduct a comparative study needs to review other comparative studies as the references of the study. They can find the journals through journal publishers or organizations of a certain study such as CIES2016 which is an international organization of the comparative research.

Here are the tips to help you choose the research journals which are good to reference:

– Make sure in the journal there is a picture of the research framework used. This kind of framework will make it easier for us to determine in which position our research differences we can even show the extent of our thesis compared to the results of the research journal.
– Check whether in the journal there is a section that presents the questionnaire or at least there is an explanation of operational definitions and research indicators. If there is and we use the same variable then with the existence of this information greatly simplify us in writing the framework of thought in our research, because we can directly use the questionnaire in the research to be done.
– Do not forget to check the back of the journal. If there is a section “executive summary” well, this section is a summary of the overall content of the journal so that you will be able to quickly understand the contents of the journal. Not all journals have this section.
– Check the bibliography of the journal, to find out what reference is taken by the researcher, in writing and decision making in the study.