Sugar Diet To Lose Weight

Diet can have some sense, but in general, the term diet refers to a type of food that is eaten by a group of individuals or an attempt to control the type of food consumed to regulate weight body. In general, the second term is the notion of diet are most commonly used in the community. Based on a study of the year 2011, the average daily sugar intake of the human body is over 10% of total calories. These include the sugars sucrose, fructose, and lactose. Meanwhile, in Indonesia itself is average daily sugar consumption of Indonesia’s population is about 15.2 grams per person. Total maximum daily sugar intake recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) is currently 5% of BMI (Body Mass Index), equivalent to 25 grams per day for adults. Given this, we can conclude that our sugar intake in Indonesia is still within the threshold set by the WHO, but for health reasons, it would not hurt as well for us to limit the amount of sugar we consume every day. You may be wondering about consumption as an additional supplement in your diet, and supplement what is suitable for your diet. Is Leptigen containing Green Tea Extract? You can get a Leptigen free trial.

Green Tea Extract is known to increase your metabolism and make it easier for you to burn fat. Some studies suggest that green tea can help you lose body fat. A recent study of 937 postmenopausal women given green tea extract for 12 months and the results showed no difference in body mass index or body fat percentage between groups. If you’ve ever tried to do a diet of sugar, you would know how difficult it is to stop consuming anything that has a sweet taste. Sugar is indeed a difficult thing to be avoided. You’ll want to know why sweet foods are foods that are favored? According to Robert H. Lustig who is an endocrinologist, sweets, when ingested, will cause the release of the hormone insulin. The effect is to make the brain produce dopamine that is released into the body at the same time. Dopamine itself is a chemical compound that serves to influence the behavior of both to earn rewards or reward behavior and also improve mood. With green tea extract and a blend ChromeMate, then you will find harmony in weight loss methods.