How To Healthy Diet With Yoghurt Comsumption

Yogurt function Cuisinart cym-100 that helps facilitate the digestion process that makes yogurt the right choice for those who are undergoing a diet program for the management of the body. As a healthy diet guide with the consumption of yogurt for weight loss program, If it is possible or not have indigestion such as acute ulcer, you can have breakfast with 200 milligrams of yogurt mixed with fresh fruits into a fruit salad. For those of you who have acute mag, yogurt can be replaced with milk that is also mixed with fresh fruits. For lunch menu, you can eat a regular menu complete with balanced nutrition such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and various vitamins. Adjust the portion for lunch with the number of calories you have set for lunch.

If in the morning, you have breakfast with yogurt. At night you can enjoy a dinner menu with fresh fruits or vegetables rich in fiber. But if you have problems with ulcers, and do not eat yogurt as breakfast, you can include yogurt as a delicious dinner menu. Yogurt can be enjoyed in cold as a drink or mixed with fruits. Remember, the portion of yogurt is 200 milligrams. In addition to breakfast or dinner menu, a serving of yogurt can be enjoyed as a snack menu. This is important because many people can not leave snacking habits that require a healthy snack menu. This yogurt is one of the healthy snack menus. You can enjoy a glass of cold liquid yogurt for lunch (between breakfast and lunch) or late afternoon (between lunch and dinner). By snacking yogurt, your need for snacking is fulfilled but you can still keep your diet program.

Not all yogurt has the same properties, only yogurt that contains live bacteria that has great benefits. Some yogurt types, such as frozen yogurt or pasteurized yogurt, do not contain live bacteria and the same nutrients. Do not overdo it if consuming yogurt, just 200 – 400ml every day. When drinking too much yogurt will show symptoms of lactose allergy, it is recommended to drink enough yogurt alone.