Side Effects of Cleaning Products on Reproduction

There are several different chemicals that can be found in cleaning products and one of them is solvents. Solvents can be commonly found in glass cleaners, carpet cleaners, cleaning of hard-surface items, and oven cleaners. The solvent contains EGBE or 2-butoxyethanol. This chemical content is mostly associated with reproductive or infertility problems in a number of animal laboratories. However, the side effects do not only happen to animals but also humans. That is why it is better to choose cleaning products for Eco Friendly Cleaning.

People often do not realize that the danger can enter easily through the skin and spread throughout the body. Studies in China helped prove it. Thus, women who are exposed long enough to these solvent chemicals show a decrease in fertility rates as long as they are actually monitored by scientists and researchers.

To be more secure at home, you need to choose cleaning products that are safe such as the products for Eco Friendly Cleaning. Even though you cannot find out by looking at the label or the packaging alone, there are other ways that can guide us to determine a safe home cleaner.

You can see on the website or factory site of the issued product. Then you can look for signs, symbols, or icons indicating that the product has been listed as a harmless product. For example, mark Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and others.

Moreover, you can also see the content or composition of the product bottle and search for the meaning via the internet. Because some products that provide complete information is still not understandable because of many terms in the field of industry and chemistry. If there is any contact for the costumer service on the bottle, you can just contact the company on that address. You need to ask what the details about the bottle and whether the ingredients are dangerous for pregnancy planning. If only the company or the customer service seemed to cover up and do not want to share their insights, you might need to be concerned that there is something harmful that the company wishes you do not know.