Questions to ask when interviewing landscape architects

Are you looking for the best Designing the landscape involving some many things and require the mature plan. Not only that, the professional should know well what the customer expects. If you want to invest in the research after getting some potential professionals, surely you wonder how the following questions help you avoid common service. Otherwise, you will get the best quality service.

1. What services do you offer?

First off, you need to determine what service the architect of landscape offers to see if he or she is the right person for your project. Generally speaking, this professional fall into one of three categories. It varies depending on the service they offer. The services are design only, design-build, and full service, where you will get both design-build and maintenance program to keep your landscape green.

2. Can I see the examples of your past work?

After you see the past projects of your potential designer, it is the time to continue determining the style of landscape you want. For your consideration, you can take a close look at the clean-lined city garden or cottage-style garden. Finding the right designer that will work based on your request is so critical. Unfortunately, some people make the mistake by not paying attention to this step.

3. Do you offer garden consultation?

Most of the people have this question. For your information, some designers offer one to two hours garden consultations. He or she will come to your property for an inspection and join you for a walk around the garden. To know your desire, he or she will listen to what you would like to accomplish.

4. What idea do you have for my garden?

Individuals like to know the designer’s idea even before they start the work. By knowing the idea your designer has, you will have illustration how your garden will look.